• Generic

    Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP

  • Front-end Frameworks/Libraries

    Android, Angular, Angular Material, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, CSS3, ChartJs, HTML5, Ionic, Jquery/Jquery UI, React, React Native, SASS, Spring MVC

  • Back-end Frameworks

    Java Spring Boot, Node JS, Express JS, CakePHP

  • CMS

    KeystoneJS, MEAN Stack Custom CMS, CakePHP based proprietary CMS

  • Databases

    MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite

  • IDEs

    Eclipse, Android Studio, XCode

  • Cloud Services

    Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Firebase

  • Application Servers

    IIS6+, IISNode, Nginx, Apache Tomcat

Technical Expertise

We work with all the major web platforms: .NET and PHP stack of languages and associated technologies. As well as Angular.js, Node.js, React.js and Ionic Framework. We’ve utilised hundreds of open source and commercial components. We’ve integrated our applications with various web services and APIs. Whether you want “cutting edge”, or more conservative approach – we can do both.